What if my QQ isn’t funny?

Occasionally someone will tell me, “Oh, I wrote a QQ the other day but I didn’t submit it because it wasn’t…”  Either it wasn’t funny, it wasn’t interesting, or it wasn’t “good enough” — so they thought. 

If you ever find yourself in that position, please go ahead and submit your sentence.

When in doubt about a piece you’ve written, remember that being funny, or interesting, or clever is not a QQ requirement.  We love sentences that exhibit those qualities, but we also welcome sentences that are plain.  As one contributor wrote, “for me it’s only the variety of ‘solutions’ that entertains, not which is ‘better’ or ‘worse’ than another.”

I’m not writing this post to tell you that QQ is easy and anything goes; we do have specific submission guidelines, and most people I know find the game quite challenging (including me).  Some submissions don’t make it to publication because 1) they don’t use all four words, 2) they don’t show an effort to illustrate the word meanings, or 3) they don’t show care in grammar, spelling, and punctuation.  However, as moderator, I’ve never turned down a sentence because it wasn’t “interesting.” 

If you’ve really managed to illustrate all four words in a single sentence, I assure you that what you’ve come up with is interesting enough—you’ve solved a very unusual challenge, and no two solutions are the same.  I bet you’ll never have occasion to use those four words together again, so mark the moment.  Don’t let your sentence wither in isolation; submit it to QQ where it will find some good company.

If you have a solution for a past Quandary that you never submitted, please send it to rudi@quadrivialquandary.com.

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