A Quadrivial Quandary Triumph!

Queen of East Pond writes:

I knew there had to be some higher purpose when I made the decision to join the cerebral ranks of the QQers.

Yesterday evening at 7.30pm British Summer (ha!) Time I took part in a pub quiz, within the warm dark confines of an Olde English Public House. ( Actually ’tis not that old.) One question that arose on science and nature was: what kind of habitat is littoral? I was the only person on my team to know the answer, for I had only learned the word a few days earlier on QQ! What’s more, my team won by two whole points!

4 thoughts on “A Quadrivial Quandary Triumph!

  1. Hey, who the heck you callin’ "dufus," lady?! >:-(Oh, wait…that’s my name, right…sorry.Carry on….

  2. Well I suppose I should have addressed you as SAINT Dufus, your Honourable Saintness.Pardon me if I don’t curtsey and kiss your ruby ring, but I have a bad back.

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