How to receive QQ’s words by email

Many of QQ’s readers and contributors have asked if there’s a way to receive the daily words by email. Till recently the answer has been “Uh, not really” but this has just changed to “Yes, absolutely!”

To sign up for a daily email announcing the QQ words, just click the link below and specify the email address where you want to receive the updates:

Subscribe to Quadrivial Quandary Words by Email

Here are a few notes about what to expect:

Format and contents: QQ’s word-announcement mails have the subject “Quadrivial Quandary Words” and you’ll see Quadrivial Quandary in the From field. The mails contain links to the words at their respective dictionary sites, as well as a link to the QQ archive page for the day. The mails don’t contain word definitions. So, you might treat these mails as a chance to test your knowledge and guess the meanings of unfamiliar words before you visit QQ proper.

Your Subscription: Subscriptions to QQ’s word-announcement mails are managed by a Google service called Feedburner. (QQ isn’t associated with Google or Feedburner but we’re availing of tools they offer.)  When you click the signup link you’ll see a form that says Feedburner and there will also be fine print at the end of the mail with Google’s address. (Don’t be surprised – no, our humble logophilic enterprise hasn’t been acquired by the search behemoth.) You can unsubscribe at any time via the link at the bottom of each mail. There’s no relation between your QQ account and your subscription to daily word announcements – you can have one without the other, and you can provide separate email addresses in each signup.

For those who would prefer to follow the words in an RSS reader, here is the address of QQ’s RSS word feed: